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IoT Solutions for Energy & Utilities

With continued urbanization and growth in worldwide energy consumption, the need for better optimization and management of resources has reached an all-time high. Monitor and enhance the performance of distributed resources, predict failures and work towards a safer, greener future with the weeve IoT platform.


Energy Optimization

Optimize energy use and reduce waste with data insights from systems and sensor networks.

Improve Safety

Reduce the risk of catastrophic failure by continuously monitoring key performance metrics of  assets in the field.

Predictive Maintenance

Continuously  monitor the condition of equipment and utilize machine learning to to minimize downtime and prevent costly failures .


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Low Code

Low code platform reduces complexity and required skills while maintaining a high level of customizability.

Flexible Deployment

Maintain control over your network, device and data with flexible deployment options: on-premise, cloud or hybrid.

Fast and Simple

Modules can be dynamically added and exchanged using a simple drag and drop method to easily create purpose-built reusable data pipelines.

Scale Quickly

Deploy data services across multiple edge devices with the click of a button.

Trust Your Data

Data is attested at the source and secured at every level, ensuring trust and integrity at all times.

Tailor Your Architecture

Utilise any hardware, cloud, or protocol based on your business needs.

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