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The Solution for Business Problems

The weeve IIoT platform enables companies to exploit the untapped potential of their data. We provide the building blocks needed to create data-driven services such as predictive maintenance, making it easier for companies to capture and generate value from data.

The Platform

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weeve Manager

Cloud based platform for ingesting, visualising and actioning all data points. With an intuitive data pipeline designer and ready made modules, performing predictive maintenance or other data services has never been easier.

Machine Economy

weeve Server

The weeve server is the installed software that provides seamless data collection from your assets to the weeve Manager.


Freedom and flexibility to deploy your solutions anywhere you like; on-premises, in any public or private cloud, or as a multi-layered hybrid.

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Deploy solutions in any public or private cloud with the ability to lift and shift to whatever vendor you prefer.

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Flexible & scalable solution that can be deployed at the edge for a faster, reliable, more secure internet of things.

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Mix on-premise resources with cloud systems and services.


Simplify your digital transformation journey with a 
secure, extensible and technology-agnostic platform.

Module Library

From communication protocols, parsers, filters, APIs, third party microservices and much more, ready-made modules reduce the need to build each component from scratch and speeds up the time it takes to create Data Services. You can also create and contribute your own modules for added flexibility.

Data Service Designer

To create or edit a Data Service, simply drag & drop the modules from the library on to the canvas. Define the data source, run data processes and share the results with selected 3rd parties — all within an intuitive and user-centric platform.

Data Service Library

Store, edit, update, reuse and deploy Data Services directly from the Data Services Library. Here you will find all the services you created as well as services provided by weeve and third-party service providers.

Data Custody Edge

Deploy Data Services to all available edge nodes with the click of a button.  By keeping your data as close to the data source as possible you maintain data ownership,  and reduce costs of data storage and transportation. 

Role & User Management

Manage roles at the organisation and group level and define access rights. With our multi-tenant architecture, users only have access to the required parts of the platform.

Secure Insight Sharing

Maintain ownership of your data by sharing only the insights you want. With no raw data being shared, personal and proprietary information is kept secure.

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