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Economy of Things | weeve

The New Enterprise Standard for IoT Platforms

A single solution for collecting, managing, analysing and sharing insights from all relevant data sources.

Unifying and Orchestrating IoT

Today's IoT ecosystem is overly complicated and fragmented: we provide structure to the mess by weaving together data from disparate IoT sources into an intuitive but comprehensive management platform.


Collect data from all your IoT devices.


Transform all of your data into a single manageable format.


Generate insights from your aggregated data.


Securely share data insights with chosen
third parties.

User-Centric Platform

With weeve business processes can be optimised, costs reduced, decision making improved, and new revenue streams realised.

Maximise Code Re-Use

Connect to and collect data from all devices utilising an ever growing library of common and proprietary protocols with minimal need for coding.

Flexible Deployment

Maintain control over your network, device and data with flexible deployment options - on-prem, cloud or hybrid.

Minimise Re-Engineering

Modules can be dynamically added and exchanged using a simple drag and drop method to easily create purpose-built reusable data pipelines.

Scale Quickly

Easily and quickly integrate more devices as your architecture grows without modifications and without sacrificing performance.

Trust Your Data

Data is attested at the source and secured at every level, ensuring trust and integrity at all times.

Tailor Your Architecture

Utilise any hardware, cloud, or protocol based on your business requirements.


About Us

Our mission is to enable pioneering companies to securely extract new value from an increasingly connected world. Distributed devices, secure data collection, and data sharing is key to the successful digital transformation of 21st-century companies; weeve is central to this theme.

If you’re looking to find innovative partners or technologies to push your business to the next frontier,  send us a message.

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