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9 Ways to Save Money on your IoT Data Bill: The True Hidden Cost of IoT Security

In this article, I cover how you can employ strategies to save dollars on IoT data costs. Saving dollars can sometimes be the difference between having a valid business proposition and being dead in the water.


Data to dollars: A data interoperability challenge

Data interoperability is still a challenge for companies trying to turn data into insightful and actionable information that can in turn generate value.


Meet the Team: Gábor László Mándoki

Meet our UX & Product Designer - Gábor László Mándoki


IoT Pay-Per-Use Models: The New Revenue Stream?

The rise of the data-driven economy has led companies across various industry sectors to transition from selling products to selling services.


Edge Computing For A New Hyperconnected Business Infrastructure

Edge computing comes into play as a solution for companies looking to overcome challenges imposed by the traditional cloud architecture.


Meet the Team: Sanyam Arya

Meet our Backend Developer - Sanyam Arya.


Getting IoT Right From the Start

If manufacturers want to gain a competitive advantage, then high-quality data is the golden ticket.


Powering the Energy Sector With IoT Data | Part 3: Consumption

The third and final part in our "Powering the Energy Sector With IoT Data" series focuses on consumption.


Powering the Energy Sector With IoT Data | Part 2: Transmission & Distribution

The second part in our series will focus on the ways data from IoT can aid in transforming the energy transmission and distribution (T&D) process.


Powering the Energy Sector With IoT Data | Part 1: Generation

The way the world produces and consumes energy is changing quickly and IoT is revolutionizing nearly every part of the industry.


4 Key Maintenance Strategies

Maintenance strategies need to focus on optimizing operations and reducing downtime.


Looking Ahead to 2021: Top IoT Trends

In 2021 businesses will begin to realize that IoT is not just a hype or another buzzword, but a technology with true potential to transform industries.

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