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Data to Euros - is a new podcast series dedicated to exploring IoT Data concepts, through thematic exploration alongside the Innovation Leaders who are driving them. Hosted by Alexander Hertwig, at Data to Euros we seek to answer long-standing 4.0 questions, give insights into your favourite use cases and industries and maybe even teach you something new about what IoT can be.Whether it's unpicking the reasons why digitisation projects work so well, or analysing what's causing the industries biggest challenges, together we will pave our way through the modern 4.0 IoT Industry.You can find and subscribe to all our episodes on, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or by searching for Data to Euros on your preferred podcast app.


Heute geht es Open Source Lösungen und alles ums Thema Sensoren und ERP-Systemen. Welche Möglichkeiten es gibt um ERP Systeme mit IoT Daten zu bereichern und welche Rolle Open Source Lösungen innerhalb dieses Daten Journeys spielen.

Heute tauchen wir in die Welt von Steffan Messing, Business Development Manager für IoT ein und erfahren wie es um den Stand von IoT Lösungen in deutschen Unternehmen steht - spezifisch um den Mittelstand. Welche Probleme es zu lösen gilt und wie die Würth Electronics eiSos Group dabei hilft, die berüchtigte Iot Education Gap zu überbrücken.

How can you invest smartly into renewable energy? And on top of it make an annual profit of up to 13%? Sounds too good to be true? Be convinced otherwise by our guest Nicolás Villegas Echavarría from the Platform Startup Unergy! Listen in to the growth story of one of the most innovative Startups I had the pleasure of talking to and let's follow Nicolas on the journey to revolutionise Energy Investments.

Heute dürfen wir als Gast Christian Drake begrüßen, Geschäftsführer von NRail. NRail entwickelt einen innovativen Zugang zu Smart und IoT-Data.
Wie genau ein handelsübliches Smartphone den Digital Transformation Journey der Bahnindustrie akzelerieren kann und den aktuellen IoT Stand in der Industrie und bevorstehenden Regulationen, findet Ihr hier heraus.

Heute dürfen wir als Gast Paul Hock, CEO von Green Fusion begrüßen. Als Energie Management Platform Startup gibt es viele Constraints in der Housing Industrie zu beachten. Von veralteten Systemen bis hin zu vollen Automatisierung, wie genau hier Energie Systeme IoT Daten verarbeiten und die Energie Branche revolutionieren, finden wir heute gemeinsam heraus.

Today guest Mitko Vasilev is giving us a rundown on product management and innovation cycles, what to keep in mind when it comes to IoT products and how to scale effectively, when expertise is a scarce resource.

In today's episode you will learn more about how the widely used OCR technology enables new fields of application in the digitisation of machines. We are exploring how screen-scrapers are a quick and scalable technology for IoT applications, where Data is painful to access and how to build around other common Data constraints to unlock a multitude of creative IoT use cases. For this, we are talking to Michael Bommer, CEO of weeve, Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor with many years of experience in the IoT industry as co-founder of the IoT venture studio Next Big Thing.

We are talking to Tobias Stiepak, CEO of who has been in long lasting history and expertise in telecommunication industry. We chose a very special topic which is IoT protocol called LoRaWAN. We will cover: What is LoRaWAN, where is it used, and what can you do with it. Tobias is kind enough to share the use cases, concepts, ideations and other ideas and really went into that on how mobile provider M2M and IoT application make IoT possible.