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Bringing security to IoT data

Architected for scale and reliability. An enterprise broker that scales up to 10 million connected devices and uses industry standards, ensuring you that no data is lost.

Scalable MQTT


Exponentially scalable with
>1000K MQTT
Connection Support

mqtt iot interoperability


One broker for all.
Rich protocol suite including CoAP, MQTT, MQTT-SN, STOMP

mqtts support


MQTTS is a secure communication variant of MQTT with high data compressibility & optimal communication latency

high performance mqtt protocol

Cluster or Bridge mode

Cluster or Bridge brokers on Distributed Nodes to realize horizontal and vertical scaling, meeting the performance requirements of enterprises

mqtt security

Easy to install

Cross-platform deployment on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac, Windows and even Raspberry Pi, as well as images for AWS EC2 and Microsoft Azure

increased battery life

Increased battery lifetime

WeeveMQ is designed with less computational overhead. This results in increased battery
lifetime up to 100%

MQTTS Solves Security and Speed Issues with MQTT

Secure and speed for IoT communication

Classically, securing internet communication with TLS is not suitable for lightweight IoT devices due to the heavy communication overhead, the large code base or limited battery resources. weeveMQ provides a solution to deliver the same level of authentication, security and message integrity like MQTT over TLS, with noticeably less overhead. The MQTTS protocol leverages novel techniques from cryptographic protocol engineering, combined with a selection of lightweight, IoT-optimal algorithms.

MQTTS vs. MQTT-over-TLS¹

Performance comparison table

MQTT security


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