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Produce Smart Results

Technologies of the future

With the rapid rise of IIoT devices on the production lines, companies have started realizing the value these smart devices bring to their business operations. With a direct increase in efficiency translating in a positive bottom line, there is broad consensus amongst the industry at large that IoT should be embedded in the company strategy. Our Clients work with us in the automation domain to streamline their IIot efforts.

KPMG predicts enterprises will spend $232 billion on automation by 2024.


To leverage the power of IIoT, it is of utmost relevance to connect industrial machines to the Internet and make their data flows available to ecosystem partners. For example, an (artificial) intelligent maintaining service vastly benefits from remotely monitoring the industry machines to infer a cost-saving maintenance plan. Having access to a history of the usage profiles allows IIoT corporates to transfer their businesses into pay-per-use models, harnessing novel revenue opportunities of a shared economy.

In order to enable this, IIoT will have to increase the amount of trust levels you need to have with your ecosystem partners and data provenance.


Weeve offers a platform solution to open up IIoT networks while assuring the interoperability with the present infrastructure. The platform serves as a common denominator to extend the trust perimeter to ecosystem partners.

Weeve technology provides security guarantees within the ecosystem for the information flows generated by IIoT devices with authentication and attestation protocols. The Weeve platform lays the foundation for reading, monitoring, controlling and billing IIoT data and data-driven services in addition to enabling business intelligence applications on reliable and attested data.