weeve: 100 Edge Computing Companies To Watch In 2023

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We are excited to be announced as one of STL Partners' 100 edge companies to watch, highlighting those who are making waves in edge computing and have exciting developments coming in 2023.Take a look at what we achieved last year and learn more about what’s next for us https://lnkd.in/eBmHvseY

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Company type: Start-up

Position in edge ecosystem: Application/Software (PaaS); Integration & Services (Professional services)

Notable achievements in 2022: In the summer of 2022, weeve launched the Beta version of their platform. All core features were released to enable customer projects and make the platform available for trials and testing. They also launched a pilot project program called 321 Connect to explore  the power of a solution-enabling collaborative platform

Key financials milestones reached: Weeve closed a seed round of €1.2 Million and another research investment from a public fund of €800k.

An edge computing use case they help to enable: Weeve is helping a Swiss textile manufacturer in overcoming a data privacy and processing challenge. The manufacturer was facing difficulties in obtaining performance data from customers due to data regulations and processing the large amount of data with different protocols, hindering R&D efficiency. Weeve offered a secure channel for data exchange, resulting in improved business outcomes for the manufacturer including increased customer value, engagement and reduced defects in the quality sensors.

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