The smart patient room

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What is the smart patient room?

In the smart patient room, sensors form a digital nursing assistant. They take over tasks that previously had to be carried out manually. Management and visualisation is carried out with a mobile device (e.g. iPad) via a platform and is simultaneously integrated into the respective hospital information system (HIS). The sensor-based nursing assistance relieves nursing staff and provides better care for patients. Sensitive data remains protected.

The challenge

For years, there has been an immense shortage of staff in hospitals and care facilities. The nursing shortage is overburdening the nursing staff and endangering their health as well as that of their patients.  New technologies would compensate for the lack of manpower. But the health care market is lagging behind in digitalisation. Hospitals and nursing homes are not able to fully monitor, control or visualise the condition in the patient's room. Patient beds and mattresses, lighting and heating devices are neither connected nor integrated into a system.

The solution

weeve equips a conventional patient room with sensors that enable full monitoring, control and supervision.

These include but are not limited to:

- Sensors in beds and mattresses

- Heating control

- Lighsensors

- Windelsensoren

The data generated is sensitive and is therefore subject to strict data protection regulations. weeve therefore uses the innovative technology of edge computing. This means that the data does not leave the house and is visualised and managed on a low-code platform - even without in-depth IT knowledge. This relieves the nursing staff and enables them to provide better care for their patients. Management via a mobile device (e.g. iPad) provides full flexibility in everyday nursing work, while integration into the respective hospital information system (HIS) ensures cross-platform and efficient process optimisation.

How to apply weeve

  • With weeve, you can create customised health applications in no time at all - without any programming knowledge.
  • Data processing takes place directly on site instead of in a cloud - patient data is secure and in your hands
  • The data generated via the sensors can be integrated into existing HIS systems

Our solution is eligible for funding under the Hospital Futures Act (KHZG) FTB 9 and 11. We will of course support you in the application process

Contact us

We are always available for a non-binding consultation on the implementation of a Proof of Concept (POC) or a pilot project in your company.

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