Post-sales offerings for OEMs

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OEMs’ post-sales business is under increasing pressure due to growing competition, legislative changes, a shift in focus towards emerging markets, and the growing differentiation in customer requirements. OEMs can respond to the challenges by unlocking benefits in their value chain, maximising efficiency, supporting their brand and enhancing the customer experience. To protect and develop their post-sale business, OEMs need to stop merely reacting to competitive threats and become proactive business innovators, taking advantage of IoT disruptive new business models to regain the initiative in the post-sale market.  


  1. R&D / support departments at OEMs depend on understanding how machines are being used in a real-life environment to gather machine-driven data for future versions of machines and provide preventative customer support. 
  2. Almost all industries are moving toward an automated manufacturing system, as well as a full data analysis system. Although these types of overhauls are needed, they can cost a lot and take a lot of time to complete, especially for OEMs that are behind the time. 
  3. Other problems facing OEMs are listed below 


  1. Customers are not willing to share the data as they prefer to keep on-prem or on their private clouds. 
  2. The inability of processing and analysing the data due to hundreds of data points with different protocols. 
  3. Knowledge on how to set up an IoT system and/or coding experience to set up such a system.
  4. Multiple factories across several countries.


weeve is the leading IoT edge application orchestration platform that turns the edge into intelligent data membranes. With weeve, data becomes accessible, secure and actionable while maintaining full control. The platform was designed with the Edge in mind, allowing Role-Based-Access-Control and Permission Based Access all provided with a no-code approach.

weeve can be used to aggregate multiple data sources, normalise, and perform operations. The platform tackles the complexity of the fragmented IoT data through the simplicity of the ready and pre-coded modules in a rich library that covers the most common IoT protocols. 

Benefits from previous customers using weeve 

  1. Securing competitiveness by fulfilling the DNA requirements of any customers. 
  2. Repurchase Ratio improved from 18% to 35% after using weeve services. 
  3. Time-to-Market for new products with “Upselling Ratio” by 16% Customer Life Value (CLV) improvement by three times. 
  4. Customer Engagement Score (CES) improved by 21% with a High Customer Loyalty Index (CLI). 

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