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Generate Value from your
IoT Data

A single solution for collecting, managing, analysing and sharing insights
from all relevant data sources.

Unifying and Orchestrating IoT

The Internet of Things is about data, not things. True digital transformation begins when the vast amounts of data generated from IoT enabled assets is turned into insight.  

We facilitate the creation of data services such as predictive maintenance to help businesses in the industrial sector gain more value from their IoT data.


Collect data from all your IoT devices.


Data is transformed, ready for analysis.


Generate insights from your aggregated data.


Make business decisions and securely share data insights.

User-Centric Platform

With weeve business processes can be optimised, costs reduced, decision making improved, and new revenue streams realised.

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Low Code

Low code platform reduces complexity and required skills while maintaining a high level of customizability.

Flexible Deployment

Maintain control over your network, device and data with flexible deployment options: on-premise, cloud or hybrid.

Fast and Simple

Modules can be dynamically added and exchanged using a simple drag and drop method to easily create purpose-built reusable data pipelines.

Scale Quickly

Deploy data services across multiple edge devices with the click of a button.

Trust Your Data

Data is attested at the source and secured at every level, ensuring trust and integrity at all times.

Tailor Your Architecture

Utilise any hardware, cloud, or protocol based on your business needs.


Design the Data Service you need.
On our platform.

To learn more about our IoT platform or discuss a
potential solution, get in touch to see how you can
capture more value from your data.

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