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Economy of Things | Weeve

Enabling companies
to harness the
Economy of Things

By 2025 billions of connected devices will provide valuable data enabling data-driven decisions, facilitating automation, & offering novel monetization opportunities. Weeve’s cutting-edge technological solutions advance futuristic business models in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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economy of things


Smart business models by leveraging the power of IoT & Blockchain

interoperability for the economy of things


Optimal, interoperable
solutions for the
Machine Economy

 innovation roi

Scaling IoT

Full potential of IoT
infrastructure, applications
and services

IoT Innovation

Security- &

Data security technologies
at the forefront
of cybersecurity

Building Technologies of the future

Bringing companies into the Machine Economy

Our mission is to enable pioneering companies to extract value from the Economy of Things in an increasingly connected world.

We offer innovative ways to utilize IoT through security-by-design technology and customized solutions, operating across industry verticals of IIoT, Automotive, Supply Chain, Mobility and Logistics.

A secure foundation for the
Economy of Things

More about us

Weeve enables enterprises to open up new revenue streams by building new business models on top of their core business. We provide the underlying technology for our clients to transition to Industry 4.0 by providing a platform for securely connecting machines, truthfully certifying the data, and monetizing the data assets to create the economy of things. Our technology helps to smoothly migrate into the Machine Economy, giving your business the competitive edge it needs to acquire more market share and become a leader in an increasingly competitive landscape of connected ‘things’.

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Latest updates

Read more about how Weeve empowers the Economy of Things

Weeve presents in Munich along with 9 other high profile startups

Weeve's Founder Harald Zapp presented the company on the final Demo Day event in Munich along with 9 other high profile startups. It was an event organized by Unternehmer TUM's prestigious accelerator program - TechFounders.

Festo and Weeve complete a successful joint POC

Festo and Weeve have been working together for the past 6 months on a technology that enables Festo to move towards innovative business models in the Industrial Automation domain.

Weeve gets selected for Trusted IoT Alliance and MachNation's Smart E-mobility Challenge

Weeve along with a consortium of startups and corporates would take part in several hackathons to build mobility services of the future.

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